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ON and Off-Grid Solar Generation System, Solar Energy,

All you have to tell us is the city you stay in, with sophisticated Weather satellites that provide us information we can device a system,based in the knowledge of  the amount you use for one day, and the days you want the system to keep working Our engineers are adept in  designing systems that meet your requirements of Energy whether off or On gridIn a  Rural or Urban setting. 

Saving 6 Megawatt from a single Street lamp or Rs 37,000/- from a Single Lamp

A street lamps consumers around 200 to 400W per Hour  while an energy efficient LED of 36 W would provide equivalent or better lighting. Simple mathematics would  summarise this to save approx  168 W (incase of 200)  an hour  and about 1680 W a day  in a year this would be  saving about  613000W or 6 Megawatts .

In terms of economical benefits one unit (!KW)cost approx Rs. 6/- In saving 613 KW a saving of Rs 37,000/- approx. from a single light bulb think of the 1000's that can be changed for better lighting

If you need an energy audit to save both energy and  to reduce the carbon footprint and your hard earned money do call us

Saving  at Home :  450KW or Rs 3000/- from a changing just 6 lamps in our Homes.

  • In our homes we could reduce the use of Tube lights (40W) and use 15W LED Tube.CFL
  • The illumination is the same or  better (brightness) 
  • You save 25W of power for every hour of use from a single tube.
  • You save 200W every day for 8 hrs use
  • And annually you save 75000W or 75KW of energy from a single Lamp change
  • For 6 Tubes you could save approx 450KW and economically you will save Rs 3000/- 
  • You consume less energy so less electricity has to be produce and you save on the bills Reduce pollution 


click here to download file your energy audit