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Who can benefit from biogas plant?

·        Agricultural companies:

·        Pig farms;

·        Cattle farms;

·        Poultry farms;

·        Crop production companies;

·        Combined type companies.

·        Food industry companies:

·        Distillery and bioethanol plants;

·        Brewery plants;

·        Sugar mill;

·        Meet processing factories;

·        Veterinarian and sanitation plants;

·        Starch and treacle plants;

·        Yeast plants;

·        Milk plants;

·        Bakery plants;

·        Chips and potato processing plants

·        Juice and tinned food producers;

·        Winery;

·        Fish processing plan


Waste products are not fertilizer itself. Most of organic waste products are accumulated nearby production facilities in big volumes. In order to be applicable as fertilizer certain time is required. During this time huge quantities of wastes build up. The longer they being stored the more nutrients are gone from them. That is why they should be properly recycled.

Biogas technology makes it possible to get natural fertilizer by means of anaerobic digestion within the shortest possible period of time. Such fertilizer is rich in bioactive substances and microelements. The main advantages of bio-fertilizer to be compared with conventional are it’s form, availability, nutrients balance and high level of organic matter humification.

Biogas By properties biogas is very similar to natural gas. Synonyms for biogas are such words as methane, sewage gas, marsh gas.

  •  It can be used:
  • It can be used:

  • As natural gas;

  • For pumping and accumulation;

  • For combustion and production of heat and electricity;

  • As vehicle fuel.

 It is obvious that further increase in natural gas price Is inevitable and considerable. Tremendous amounts of money spent for gas pipelines could be saved if aimed for biogas plants construction and it’s utilization. Besides gas itself you pay for pipes, labor etc. In biogas plant you get gas free of charge



Combustion of 1 m3 produces 2 kWh of electricity. You get stable electricity in comparison with public electricity network. In order to be used in co-generation unit biogas should be cleaned from sulphur and moisture. 


Co-generation unit - is equipment for combined production of heat and electricity. They use gas internal-combustion engine adapted to run on biogas.