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Revolution is the process by which the innovation invades our lives!






In the Arctic region, we find the bitter fruits of pollution. The realisation has come at a slower pace but it is better late than never. Since nothing new can be created in this world and while existing energy sources are getting depleted at alarmingly rapid rate, we must use every available resource judiciously. There are enough natural agencies, which are too keen to help us in this endeavor. Science has revealed these tools and we must use their potential to achieve the urgent call of nature









Re USE Waste generated by the carbon footprint Reduce the  dependence of landfills by Recycling the waste It  is said that nature has suffered more because of man rather than other way round. Wherever there is a human interference, the environment has undergone considerable degradation.



The efficient disposal of kitchen waste is eco-friendly as well as cost effective. One has to consider more than monetary aspects. The dumping of uncooked food in unmanned area leads to population growth of nuisance animals. It is undoubtedly unhygienic and poses a threat to the habitat.



This website was launched in February 2007 with the intention of providing useful information relating to renewable energy sources and the environment.



We attempt to make visitors increasingly aware to the importance of clean and renewable energy sources as the consequences of climate change become increasingly apparent.



 On the website, you will find a wide variety of educational, energy and the environment articles covering many of the different topics of renewable energy, with a large focus on; solar, wind and geothermal energy sources.



 The website is expanding all the time through the process of improving and introducing a range of features which will hopefully allow Clean Energy Ideas to become a widely respected online resource and community for concerned individuals.