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Temperature Yearly at Place of Installation (Temperatures determine placement of Digestor)winter between 5 - 20 deg summer 18 - 40 deg



Methanization or the production of Biogas is best at temperatures of 30 and 35 C. We would advise a submerged system for you with minimal insulation to maintain the temperatures not to overly affect the production of the biogas. A submerged system s best but the problem is maintenance in case of blockage of the outlets and inlets due to the feed stock. You could take care of that but pulverizing the feed stock in a common home mixer. Pulverizing the feedstock increases biogas production and hastens the process and the bacteria find it easier to digest the smaller parts



Excavate a hole near the kitchen (Outside) to place the 1000 Lt Tank inside. the diameter of the dug hole should be a bit more as you would have to accommodate the PVC fitting. The depth of the hole should be 1 feet lesser than the height of the Tank. IN assembling the Compact you would need to ensure leak proof joints. After the digester is placed with the fitting you could plce the 750 Lt Gas holder and fill the dug hole.



Personal or commercial use. Personal but if if works well want to help others in area’s where they dont have access to power.



We do need to support our system and cause and for that we seek is a small token of appreciation, so that we can go ahead and help more folks as you would be in the realization that all causes do need funding. Al we ask is for the materials that we provide to enable you to work to an efficient end. We provide 24X7 services to members and trouble shoot problems via the Internet and web conferences.



A friend who is into renewable energy asked me if i could look into it and build him one we have put up by his house solar panels where he can run almost his entire house.



The materials you would need for construction of the CARE Bio-digestor.



 PVC water tank of 1000 liters

PVC water tank of 750 liters

6 Feet PVC pipe 4" Diameter. with a few fittings

GI Fittings.


Kitchen waste / and cow don(Dung)?




In the CARE compact of 1 Cubic Metre all you need is 2kgs of kitchen waste. Cow Dung is the starter fuel used and when putting up the plant you would need about 200 kgs of the same to be diluted in equal quantity of water.


No of people /Animals. 4 people


The 1 CuM plant could supply you 2 hours of cooking fuel with a very high burning temperature every 08 hours.


 End use of the Biogas (Fuel or Energy generation) mainly fuel and to run a gas stove we are aware that the gas is low pressure and we need to change the nipples we also want to see how it will run a generator




Yes you a bang on target and right all you have to do is change the nipple of the existing gas stove (presuming its an LPG) with a larger diameter nipple.



The nipple of the LPG stove is small as LPG is pressurised, with low pressure of the Methane gas a suitable diameter nipple/nozzle could be got from the market or fabricated by drilling a larger diameter hole in the existing nozzle/nipple.


 For running a generator your Biogas plant would have to be at least 6 Cum to supply sufficient biogas to run the generator for a few hours, The trick here is to use biogas lamps directly with the gas for lighting areas outside the home. through the old mantle type lamps.. Generating Electricity from Biogas is a bit intricate and you would need to learn how to purify the gas before use as the Biogas has a fair amount of Carbon Dioxide and Sulphur which would make the process inefficient and also corrode your genset.



Do you have prior Plumbing skills (Fabrication will need plumbing skills) yes as well as gas instalations and power we have recently installed an outback system solar panels and wind turbine

Great to hear that but Biogas involves a different set of skills from Solar and Wind. . Biogas is more of plumbing skills that for someone with a small engineering mind set will manage.. The skills are called for when ensuring leak proof installations.


Cleaner local as well as global environment